cloudAshur keyWriter Software Device License

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iStorage cloudAshur keyWriter copies all critical security parameters including the randomly generated encryption key and all PINs between the Master cloudAshur module and as many secondary CloudAshur modules (Usermodules) as needed with a standard USB hub, allowing authorized users to securely share data with each other regardless of their location.

The critical security parameters never leave the cloudAshur module and are stored in the EAL4+ ready, secure microprocessor with Common Criteria.

Copying the encrypted encryption key and all critical credentials between the Master cloudAshur module and the secondary cloudAshur modules (Usermodules) is protected by a secure protocol included in the iStorage cloudAshur secure microcontroller. The protocol is implemented using cryptographic algorithms, all of which are FIPS certified. Each cloudAshur has a unique certificate issued by a root of trust, ensuring that only iStorage cloudAshur modules can be used during the key exchange process.

The cloudAshur modules never execute the set session key when the secure protocol is executed and the sensitive data being copied is only decrypted in the validated cloudAshur module for recipients. The iStorage keyWriter software running on the PC coordinates the operations required by the secure protocol, but the software has no visibility of both the session key and the decrypted data, preventing a hacker from accessing critical security parameters that are stored in the cloudAshur module.

cloudAshur Remote Management Console licenses and USB hub are not included!


How many keyWriter device licenses do I need?

If you want to give multiple cloudAshur Encryption modules access to shared cloud data, you can copy the encryption key from the cloudAshur Main Module with the keyWriter software to the cloudAshur Usermodules.

You only need keyWriter device licenses for the cloudAshur secondary Modules (Usermodules). You do not need a keyWriter license for the cloudAshur Main Module.

Example : You have 5 users in your company that need access to the same data in, for example, Dropbox or OneDrive. You will then need 6 cloudAshur Encryption modules with 5 keyWriter licenses for the 5 cloudAshur encryption modules that you will use as Usermodules. Tip: it is preferable not to use the cloudAshur Main Module and store it in a safe place.

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