cloudAshur Encryption Module USB3 256-bit

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cloudAshur is the perfect solution for anyone looking to securely store, manage and monitor data in the cloud . cloudAshur eliminates security vulnerabilities, such as lack of control and unauthorized access. With the cloudAshur Encryption module you can store your data encrypted in the cloud or locally. You can only use the cloudAshur module on your PC or Mac after you have activated it with your PIN code on the keyboard of the cloudAshur Encryption module , and after logging into the cloudAshur client app .

The cloudAshur solution from iStorage consists of the cloudAshur Encryption module and client app, the cloudAshur Management Console for administration and cloudAshur keyWriter Software that makes it possible and easy to share encrypted data with authorized users.

With the cloudAshur Encryption module you can store data encrypted, including in Cloud locations, mail attachments, on the local network, on your PC or USB sticks or disks. You use the cloudAshur client app available for Windows and macOS at

To share data on shared locations in the cloud or locally, mail attachments and the like, you need multiple cloudAshur Encryption modules with the same encryption key. The cloudAshur keyWriter software allows you to safely and easily transfer the encryption key from the Main Module to multiple modules (the Usermodules). For further options, see the cloudAshur keyWriter licenses . You need 1 keyWriter device license per Usermodule.

If you have multiple cloudAshur Encryption modules in use, you can easily manage them via the cloudAshur Management Console. You can then, for example, block or reset lost or stolen Encryption modules. You also have the option to encrypt the file names as well. For further options, see the cloudAshur Management Console licenses . You need 1 Management Console device license per Encryption module to be managed.


Tip: Even if you are only going to use 1 cloudAshur Encryption module, we recommend purchasing 2 cloudAshur Encryption modules and 1 cloudAshur keyWriter license. Make either module the Main Module and copy the encryption key to the second module (the Usermodule). You then use this Usermodule in your daily work and safely store the Main Module. If the Usermodule breaks or is stolen, for example, you still have access to your data via the Main Module, and you can copy the encryption key again to a new Usermodule. This prevents you from having no access to your encrypted data after loss, theft or defect of your Encryption Module.

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