DataLocker SafeStick offers affordable security with 256-bit AES hardware-based encryption in XTS mode that provides always on protection for your data and REQUIRES central management with SafeConsole. SafeStick offers advanced protection while maintaining control and audit capabilities without compromising security.

SafeStick must be centrally managed with SafeConsole, a secure cloud or on-premises management platform that allows your organization to centrally manage SafeConsole compatible USB storage devices easily and efficiently. A SafeConsole device license is required per device. SafeConsole license is sold separately.

  • Enforce device specific security policies such as password requirements and restrict where devices can be utilized
  • Mitigate risks of data loss by remotely disabling or detonating lost, stolen or compromised devices
  • Securely reset forgotten passwords
  • Recommission devices that are no longer in use for secure redeployment
  • Remotely configure read-only mode
  • Protect against malware and other threats with McAfee Anti-Malware Scanner

Every year, 20 million unprotected USB drives go missing. If the data stored on those drives ends up in the wrong hands, you can lose public trust, put citizens at risk and suddenly find yourself in the middle of a PR scandal. Secure USB flash drives are an essential component of a comprehensive data loss prevention (DLP) strategy. The security must be implemented in the hardware in order to combat the evolving threat landscape. With your data stored on the hardware-encrypted SafeStick, it is always protected from unauthorized access.


  • Automatic hardware encryption using 256-bit AES encryption (XTS mode)
  • Unlock in Read-Only Mode to prevent files from being modified or infected with malware
  • Configure inactivity Auto-Lock to prevent unwanted access
  • Device will lock after 10 incorrect login attempts and require a password or a device reset (configurable with policies through SafeConsole)

More information: datasheet

The SafeStick Managed Secure requires a SafeConsole license (sold separately)